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All Ulman Jiraz wants is a simple life, continuing his ancestral tradition of forging gods-blessed blades and teaching his family martial art. But when the ancient bloodsword is stolen from his family shrine and the handsome Heir to the First House gatecrashes his martial arts school, it's clear that Ulman's life will be anything but simple. Whether or not the two can find the bloodsword and protect the Heir from his power-hungry, usurping mother will depend on if the two can manage not to kill each other first.  


“Thoroughly magical…Leaves readers wanting more.”

“Fast-paced, heart-wrenching, magical and fascinating.”

“Utterly ingenious! Tiffany Trent has more fine invention at her fingertips than a roomful of magical Leonardos!”

Kirkus Reviews

Tamora Pierce, author of The Song of the Lioness quartet

Ellen Kushner, World Fantasy Award-winning author of Swordspoint and Tremontaine


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I'm the author of The Unnaturalists duology and the Hallowmere series. My short stories have appeared in Clockwork Cairo, Willful Impropriety, After the Fall, and many others. I co-edited the 2019 Locus Award finalist for Best Anthology, The Underwater Ballroom Society.

I also teach creative writing in the online MFA program at Southern New Hampshire University. With my husband, I co-parent two awesome kids (known online as Doomlet and Jupiter). I geek out over beekeeping, suburban homesteading, weird science, pie, and martial arts.

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