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"A master world-builder." 

"Dark, sexy Philip Pullman."

"Magical, heart-wrenching, fascinating."


All these phrases have been used to describe my writing.

In my books, you'll find fully-realized worlds, complex characters, an emphasis on nontraditional settings and approaches to story-telling. I love lush prose, rich settings, and sensual details. I create stories of the sublime that uplift, puzzle, and yes, sometimes, destroy you. Still, I hope my books will leave you wanting to come back for more. Peruse my list below and discover wonders. 

Bloodsword: Rise of the Iron Lotus Book 1

The first in an adult epic fantasy series, publishing in August 2022. Preorder links to come!


The Unnaturalists Duology

Set in an alternate London transported to Fairyland by a Tesla experiment gone wrong, The Unnaturalists is a steampunky romp "full of more invention than a dozen Leonardos," according to World Fantasy award-winning Ellen Kushner. Vespa Nyx and young Tinker Syrus Reed must join together to bring down the a tyrannical Empress who harnesses the power of mythic animals to keep her young. The Tinker King continues the adventure in the city of Scientia, where old powers have awakened and even older powers must rise to quell them. 

To purchase, visit the links below.

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